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Bob Mueller


Wedding Officiant

Motivational Speaker

United Catholic Church Bishop


Bob Mueller, Wedding Officiant & Motivational Speaker, Louisville Ky


Welcome to my website that has been created by my wife Kathy and me for my inspirational books and motivational speaking.  My books and talks offer sensible, heartening and inspired advice on how to live more fully and calmly in the troubled world that is ours.

Another joy of my life has been celebrating weddings with over a thousand couples.  As a United Catholic Church bishop and also as a member of the Federation of Christian Ministers, I work to make your wedding ceremony personal and a true celebration.  I also conduct funerals and baptisms and make them joyful, meaningful experiences.

I’m always looking for the spiritual slice of life.  I invite you to learn how to be a warmer, more lovable person, how to communicate better, and how to get along with others.  My messages contain vivid examples that include humor, parables, interesting factoids, passion and compassion.

I specialize in:

  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Pastor - Good Samaritian Church
  • Inspirational Speaking
  • Inspirational Books
  • Bishop - United Catholic Church

I invite you to search your heart and soul and find peace and fulfillment.  Please explore my website and enjoy the positive experience.

Serving Greater Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Kentucky.